Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Killing The Dream & Nietzsche

Well, Killing The Dream was fucking outstanding.
First on were More Than Life who despite baring many of the same hallmarks as new-found UKHC champions Dead Swans were really very good.
They had the whole hoods up fucked-up youth thing going which I find more appealing than wigga hardcore haha.

Then we had the newly signed to Deathwish Inc band The Carrier who I was equally as excited at seeing, albeit the experience would have been better if i had learned more than one songs worth of lyrics haha, gutted. Did get to speak to the singer though after their set and congratulate him on a good set & getting signed to Deathwish for which he seemed stoked. And despite looking pretty intimidating onstage he was pretty timid off of it which was nice.

And finally we have Killing The Dream, What can I say really.
I've waited years.
I made the promise to fully push myself and try to emotionally and physically exhaust myself to get the most out of their set, and lo & behold I did as literally right after they finished "We're All Dead Ends" I went to the toilet and was sick everywhere aha, good times!
Unfortunately though there was quite low attendance at the gig, which also happened when I saw Blacklisted & The Banner but tbh I'm not entirely bothered as it gives me more room :p.
They played a good mix of songs from the new album Fractures & I Rewrote It which I was happy about and I even got a song off the latter dedicted for moving around so much and making the lead singer "Feel less awkward" (because of the low attendance)
which I was fucking stoked about it.
The greatest bit though has to be meeting the singer at the end and having a chat with him, proper nice guy. My friends had asked him to hang around as I was being sick and he was nice enough to, I hugged him and ranted on about how much I'd enjoyed it and how long I'd waited for it.

Fuck. So happy

And so to our other subject for this post, I've been reading (along with 3 other books, as my attention span sucks) 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' by Nietzsche which is 'a spiritual odyssey through the modern world' which teaches 'that the meaning of life is to be found in purely human terms'
here's some interesting extracts

"You should build beyond yourself.
But first you must be built yourself, Square-built in body & soul

You should propagate yourself not only forward but upwards
You should create a higher body, a first motion, a self-propelling wheel - you should create a creator"

"The Body purifies itself through knowledge"

"And if you cannot be the saints of knowledge, at least be it's warriors.
They are the companions and forerunners of such sainthood"

"man is something that should be overcome"

something to think on perhaps.
I'm gonna go eat stir-fry