Friday, 5 December 2008

Their days are over, Our nights are here.

My all-consuming love for Converge admittedly only began last year with the release of 'No Heroes', before then i'd always had Converge songs but could never get into them / had never really tried. Jacobs voice on pre-You Fail Me work (including the seminal Jane Doe) just annoyed me, too screetchy.
So i've worked backwards in essence. Which is good at it's saved me from the hordes of fans proclaiming Jane Doe to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and subsequently over-looking the simple violent-brilliance of later albums.

There's nothing bad i can say about this band, Linkeverything works together to form sheer genius. They seem to create an atmosphere in their music which goes from being hit in the face with a hammer for minutes upon end to falling into the deepest darkest crevices of the mind & severe introspection.
+ Jacobs artwork is fantastic

Seeing them this year & meeting Jacob was one of the best moments of my life so far lol. So happy.

So, in admiration of the monster that is Converge i present three of their later albums complete with description as to why they're brilliant.

JANE DOE (2001)

the most critically acclaimed album. Mathcore at it's absolute finest. Genre-defying.
The title track & 'Hell To Pay' represent the haunting side of the band, the title track being a 12 minute long Epic & 'Hell To Pay' with it's heavy base line and Jacobs strange sung vocals.
Whilst tracks like 'The Broken Vow' & 'Fault And Fracture' punish your ears.
Just get it, you need this album.

YOU FAIL ME (2004)

This is my favourite album for many reasons.
Jacobs voice reaches a complete new level, on earlier releases his screams are throaty but as i said too high for my taste, but with this. wow. He takes them down a notch but they manage to somehow get more extreme imagine a dog barking whilst being put through a blender and you're somewhat near.
Secondly the album has a darker atmosphere to it, everything is stripped down (maybe because they only have one guitarist on this whereas Jane Doe had two) & more refined yet still brutally deep.
It starts with the lonely sounding instrumental 'First Light' and just gets better. We have tracks such as 'In Her Shadow' which you could say picks up where 'Hell To Pay' left off and is again depressing & scary at the same time.
There's t0o many stand out tracks really, Black Cloud, the eternally quotable Last Light, You Fail Me & the single Eagles Become Vultures which has to be one of their most extreme moments.
It does feel like they tried to re-create Jane Doe in some respects & failed but it competely holds its own.
If you're a fan of the darker side of music get this first.

No Heroes (2006)

This their latest album, takes Converge once again to a new level.
There's not much i can say about this album aside from the fact that it's violent.
It's fast and fucking heavy.
The first time I heard 'Hellbound' I was blown away
take Jane Doe's 'The Broken Vow' and punch it in the face a few times and you get 'Hellbound'
Jacobs lyrics no longer deal that much with the theme of love and loss more the state of society and his hate for the selfish fucks who run it, in short he sounds fucking angry.
"Give me the strength, to stand up straight, to bear this weight. Spill their blood"

And it also contains one of the most beautiful songs Converge have ever done.
the 9 minute long 'Grim Heart / Black Rose' which features Jonah from Only Living Witness.
The first half is a drone-ish song which has Jonahs emotional vocals which is brilliant in itself.
But it's when that stops that it gets truly terrifying
At around 5:40 the song goes into complete meltdown and starts again, building up over the next 4 minutes into the shortest hardest crescendo you are ever likely to hear.

If you only ever hear one Converge song in your life, let it be that one. - youtube link ;]

So, yea!
there we go.
Wrap your ears around one of the greatest bands in extreme music.

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