Monday, 24 November 2008

Purely for egotistical purposes.

Last week i finally managed to buy a weight bench. Since i stopped going to Thai-boxing / Jujitsu i've become amazingly unfit & it's always been on my mind. Plus i'm very bored of being skinny.
So this is the first week of a workout regime and i couldnt be happier i'm finally back getting fit :D!.
I'll be taking pictures of myself to document progress etc.
My goal is to actually look good in a yellow t-shirt i've had for the past 3 fucking years and hardly ever wear because i don't think it looks good on me atm

Got the weight-bench 13/11/08.

Mid-Workout week one! :]]]!
May not look much now, but all in good time friends, all in good time :].