Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Inside Jokes & Nazi-Coke


Thats a full insight into their dirty dealings with the nazi's in the 1940's and the subsequent creation of Fanta, but to summarise:

in the United States, people consume more soft drinks than any other liquid- including ordinary tap water. If we take full advantage of our opportunities someday, not too many years into our second century, we will see the same wave catching on in market after market, until, eventually, the number one beverage on earth will not be tea or coffee or wine or beer, It will be our soft drinks-our soft drinks.
R.Giozueta, ex CEO of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola GmbH (Germany) collaborated with the Nazis. The company advertised in Nazi papers financially assisting the regime. They opened up bottling plants in Sudetenland shortly after the Nazis had invaded. They exhibited at Nazi trade fairs. And in 1941 when Coca Cola GmbH could no longer get the syrup to make Coke from America they created a new drink out of the ingredients they had available to them. That drink created for the Nazi soft drink market was Fanta.

Fanta is the drink of Nazis."

http://xroads.virginia.edu/%7ECLASS/coke/coke2.html - Coca-Cola under the Nazi's



Anonymous said...

Ahahaha. Brilliant.